The Turkish Night Show is organised not only to let you experience Turkish culture and traditions, but also to have a real entertaining show to help you relax, after your day tours through Cappadocia. We will pick you up from your hotel in Goreme or other towns of Cappadocia at 20:00 in winter and 20:30 in summer and drive you to one of the cave restaurants of Cappadocia, where your show will be perfromed.

The show begins with a short, 10 minute version of the Whirling Dervishes Ceremony. This will give you an idea about how the Whirling Dervishes perform. For the real, religious ceremony we suggest Whirling Dervishes Ceremony in the 13th century caravanserai. During the whole night, there will be live music performed by a traditional custom outfit wearing band. After the dervishes, folk dancers come in their local dresses and the dances start.

The dancers, including a bride and groom, come on the dance floor and perform in the traditional way of how a girl gets married in Turkey.The bride is dressed in a beautiful red dress and dances in the middle and the groom comes up and puts on different shows for her. He first shows how handsome he is, and than how strong he is and finally how rich he is. After rejecting all these shows one by one, the bride accepts to get married with him when the groom tells her, that his heart beats for her. While they are starting their wedding dance, all the guests are invited to dance with them.

After various folk dances from different parts of Turkey, the highlight of the night comes: the Belly Dancer! She performs her breath-taking dance and then goes around all the tables to take one man/woman from each. Everyone has a great time while they are learning the secrets of belly-dancing, with some basic moves. In the case of any spouses being present, make sure there are no sharp objects around, before the belly dancer begins her training!

After some other dances and shows like fire dancing, Caucasian dance with knives and the drum show, the night ends around 23:30 and we drive you back to your hotel for a deep sleep.

During the night the waiters will serve unlimited soft and alcoholic drinks with appetisers. The main course will be lamb with rice, the traditional wedding meal of Turkey.

The rate of the Turkish Night Show is 35 Euro per person including unlimited alcoholic and non-alcoholic local beverages, dinner and desserts and roundtrip transfers between your hotel and the restaurant.

You cant miss this traditional entertainment!

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